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Monday, December 31, 2007

The Best Peanut Butter Cookies you will ever have

OK so I didn't chicken out and decide not to do it. I finally got the kids to bed and assembled my ingredients, I had everything I needed, it must have been a sign. *cue lightening strike*

This recipe is very simple and anyone can make it and have success, I think the main thing is watching the cooking time. They may seem underdone when you take them out, but give it a little time and they will be perfect. And by a little time I mean let them cool down enough so that you don't need to be rushed to the ER with a melted mouth.

Alright take out a medium or large mixing bowl. If you have one of those fancy smancy stand mixers use a bowl that goes with it.

Then add 1 cup of light brown sugar.


And then using your handy dandy slide measurerer to measure out 3/4 cup peanut butter (I use crunchy, but creamy will work too). If you don't have a slide measurerer what are you doing cooking, you are a disgrace to the cooking world, you should be punished. They are really handy, go get yourself one. Oh and slide measurerer is a made up term of mine, I don't know the what a professional might call it.


Now for the shortening 1/2" cup to be exact or there abouts, whatever.


And now one solitary egg.

Crack! Plop!

Enter the we aren't blending DNA to make new lifeforms, but we are blending various ingredients to form a delicious confection (are cookies a confection? OK lets say a small flat round cakes or for you UKer's, biscuits).

Eww, blurry, oh well.

Prepared to be mixed and mastered you evil scum...ok I am keeping my day job...for now...

I suppose the proper term is cream, cream the aforementioned ingredients together.

OK now for the dry stuff, my recipe says to sift these all together but I think it makes the cookies too light, or it could be that I am just too lazy. I will never tell.

Add 1 1/2 cups of AP flour.

Look at me holding two cups in one hand, and my teachers said I would never amount to anything. If they could only see me now.

Back down to business. 1 tsp baking soda.

Add 1/2 tsp salt. I never measure small amounts of salt, eh that looks about right.

Now integrate the ingredients together. "Integrate" did you like that big word? It only took me 15 minutes to find the correct spelling.

And the final result with the mixer.

Now for some manual labor, prepare the hands. I like to use gloves so I am not picking peanut butter and such out from under my finger nails for the next few days. Machines can do a lot of things but they can't seem to bring peanut butter cookie dough together properly.

And here we have it.

Form into 1" balls I usually get about 24 of these.

And place on cookie sheet.

And give them the old fork smash.

All smashed and ready to go... the oven, oh I probably forgot to mention preheat the oven to 350º.

For 10 minutes.


And then remove from oven with something that allows your hand to remain in it's normal working order.

Then after a minute or two move to cooling rack, carefully, these cookies are crumbly when hot.

Lovely, no?

And they go with milk nicely.

Ok so I had better get the rest of them in the oven...

Hey where did they go?

So that is about it my children, lets recap shall we?

Preheat oven to 350º F

In mixing bowl combine,

1 cup light brown sugar packed
3/4 cup peanut butter, crunchy or creamy
1/2 cup shortening
1 large egg

Cream together in mixer until smooth.

Then add,

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp. baking soda
1/2 tsp. salt

Mix all together until you have a crumbly mixture, then finish by creating a ball of the whole mixture with your hands. Form into 1" balls and place on cookie sheet. Smash with a fork in a criss-cross pattern. Then bake for 10-12 minutes. Remove from oven and transfer to cooling rack. Let cool and enjoy. Makes about 2 dozen.


oppiejoe said...

damn you Neo... Now I want one and I am at work! *pouts*

Kansas A said...

I have that exact "handy dandy slide measurerer!" It came with a bag of clothes a gf gave me and I have never used it LOL. But I intend to make your PBC and, with a smile, I will think of you when I use it :)
Now tell me, are you like me trying to measure and balance the camera all at the same time? I have "dipped" my camera into everything from fish to hot glue from the glue gun! (That was fun to pick off) LOL
Great post NEO!

BHB the ONE said...

Ah a handy dandy tripod works wonders.

MadCarlotta said...

*resists the urge to make a joke about Neo's one inch balls*

Kansas A said...

Actually I have a small one that I just love, but apparently my 4 year old son loves it more because he’s taken it somewhere and I cannot find it. I have a large tripod but clear the room to set it up!

Tah said...

Unfortunately, I will never get these cookies. My wife is allergic to peanuts and will barely let me keep a jar of peanut butter in the pantry.

(Me) Cook peanut butter cookies and "stink" up the whole house? Not a chance!

You better bring some if you ever come visit.

Nettie said...

They sound wonderful babe. I shall have to try them one of these days when I can actually be bothered to cook.

Mouse said...

Those cookies look really nice - and since Chris hates peanut butter I could eat the whole batch myself!