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Monday, February 11, 2008

Sliders anyone?

OK, before I get into this endeavor into redneck culinary art, I feel I must say something. I will get to the suggestions soon, but I have been wanting to make these for a while. Finally I said to myself, is said, "Self make them", so I did.

If you are like me and have self inflicted upon yourself a lack of small tasty burgers, some call them sliders, crystals, etc. I call them good eats, um my lawyer says I can't say eats that are good. That'll do. You do know what I speak of don't you? Steamy little burgers, cooked in onions and served piping hot in little paper boxes?
Yeah that look real doesn't it? I bet it tastes as good as it looks.
Sometimes deliciousness isn't pretty, but sometimes pretty isn't delicious.

OK the basic ingredients, you will need some
Small buns, dinner rolls are perfect size, I got potato rolls, fitting for Idaho if I must say so myself.

Dehydrated onions, reconstituted

Cheese, american, I used white american, I'm racist like that

Pickle chips


1 lb. Ground beef



And anything else I mention along the way

Mix burger with salt and pepper to taste, I don't recommend you tasting the raw burger, but just what looks good.

Place about half on a piece of plastic wrap that is twice as long as it is wide, fold over. Roll out until it fits plastic wrap, it should be about 1/16th inch to 1/8th inch thick. Score meat so that is is 4 by 4 with something like a table knife, not sharp, you don't want to cut the plastic. With finger press five holes in each piece of the meat sheet.

Place on rack and put in freezer. Prepare the other half as you did with the first half and freeze too.

While waiting for that to harden up in the freeze, you can prep the rest of the ingredients.

Daddy, daddy take a picture of me!

(Like her shirt? I designed it, it says "ELF SIZED DEAL WITH IT")

Put dehydrated onions in bowl about 1/2 cup with 1 cup of cold water and lets set to rehydrate.
(Pictures were too blurry, but you get the picture. I crack myself up.)

If your buns aren't split you will need to do that too. Thanks God for electric knives.

Cut cheese slices in fourths.

*eats way too many pickles*

Place about 1/4 of the onions an some of the liquid on griddle, and electric on if you have it, I wish I had one. Anyway turn heat to about medium high.

Remove one meat sheet from freezer, hopefully it is frozen by now, if not you will need to wait on the griddle until it is. Remove plastic from meat, unless you favor the taste of burnt plastic with your burgers, in that case you can leave it on. Place on hot griddle. Put bottom of buns on meat, one bun per meat portion.

Place a lid on it to steam them, or in my case a large roasting pan.

While steaming place mustard, pickle and cheese on top bun portion.

When meat is done and before onions burn, remove from heat and place on bun tops.

A work of tummy rumbling art.

There isn't a White Castle around here, I miss them sorely. These are a suitable substitute, maybe even better.


Kansas A said...

Okay these don't look so pretty but they sound so DELICIOUS my mouth is watering and it's only 8 in the morning!! And besides who cares what they look like? When my clan is hungry they barely look anyway!! LOL :)
PS Your daughter is as cute as a button :)

Tah said...

Sounds great. Shall have to try it sometime.

Nettie said...

You can get dehydrated onions??? Wow, weird country you live in ;-P

I must admit that they don't really sound that appetising to me sorry. If I have a burger I don't like cheese, pickle or onion on it, or mustard actually. If you swap all them for lettuce, tomato and tomato sauce I'll dig in!

I do however agree that your daughter is a cutie!

Marissa said...

What about a Krystal? I have no White Castle, but they appear to be the same thing. (I haven't tried them, but my roommate swore they were just as good)

Von Roberts said...

Better than White Castle - I think not! Use to live in Ohio and Mom would bring home bags of 10 cent White Castles - ah, the fragrance. These do have a certain slidability.